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Anyone visiting “the Emerald Isle” will definitely want to visit Dublin and of course the Dublin festivals.

People from around the world make it a point to make Dublin, Ireland their vacation spot destination all year round and for good reason! Dublin makes sure to have something going on 365 days a year, 24/7. You would wonder how they could do this but it’s because there’s always something to see and do in Dublin.

The Dublin festivals cover so many areas that you’ll need to keep your eye’s peeled for exactly what you want. There are seasonal festivals, historical festivals, religious festivals, trade festivals, sports festivals, music festivals, fashion festivals, you name it, Dublin’s got it.

Of course the big festivals are the cultural ones. Like the St. Patrick’s Festival, four days in March each year that is so huge you can probably see from outer space. There’s food to overflowing, music, movies, concerts, plays, contests, it’s just the festival to see when visiting Dublin.

Ireland is renowned for it’s folk music and you’ll find all sorts of folk music festivals in Dublin for sure. What many may find as a surprise is that Dublin actually has a Dublin City Soul Festival that takes place for three or four days in May. This festival is for families, locals, and vacationers and is like one big talent show.

In a tribute to the old days of tall ship sailing and the Irish mariners you’ll find the Tall Ships festival in August. That’s an event you can’t miss as there will be astounding displays of historic ships that once sailed the world. You’ll definitely want to bring your cameras as these ships are majestic.

All in all the festivals in Dublin cover so much that you’ll need to check and double check the various venues to schedule properly. There are hotel accommodations, travel via cab, car rental, bicycle and even horse and buggy. There are pubs and hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns and more. You’ll find that if you shop carefully you’ll find that the smaller venues have that care and homespun feel. You can get to make great friends this way and on top of that get invited back. The Dublin area is so use to visitors that they’ve got it down to an art and science.

For the artistic there are writing and poetry festivals as well as painting and sculpture. You’ll find some of the world’s eminent artists and critics love Dublin during these festivals and take part in them. You’ll find some of the world’s top celebrities show up as well. This makes for a year round festival feeling that allows for the planning of something no matter what time of year it is. Some folks like to go to Ireland because their ancestors are from there. It’s a family thing and when it comes to weddings and the like mos try to schedule them during the time of many of the festivals.

So again, there are so many festivals in Dublin that one might think they’d rename the town to Festival Town or something. However, Dublin is the name and that’s the way it’s going to stay .

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