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Coastal, beach, boat trip


Cliff-top wilderness, sandy beaches, yacht trips and island tours, Dublin’s sparkling coastal towns are all accessible by rail and waiting to be explored.

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Dublin festivals


Anyone visiting “the Emerald Isle” will definitely want to visit Dublin and of course the Dublin festivals.

People from around the world make it a point to make Dublin, Ireland their vacation spot destination all year round and for good reason! Dublin makes sure to have something going on 365 days a year, 24/7. You would wonder how they could do this but it’s because there’s always something to see and do in Dublin.

The Dublin festivals cover so many areas that you’ll need to keep your eye’s peeled for exactly what you want. There are seasonal festivals, historical festivals, religious festivals, trade festivals, sports festivals, music festivals, fashion festivals, you name it, Dublin’s got it. Continue Reading

Ireland cheap holidays


If you are looking for cheap holidays, Ireland is a special location with many different cities to see as well as attractions. Dublin, Galway, Listowel and Cork are some great holiday vacation spots. You will find that your time spent in Ireland may in include relaxing by the pool, some sightseeing and visiting museums, gardens and seeing some historical buildings. You will find cheap holidays that include hotel accommodations, airfare and some great last minutes deals. With all these exciting deals and things to do and see, Ireland is one area you should not miss. Continue Reading

Driving in Ireland


Most visitors to Ireland either bring their own car by ferry from Britain, or they fly and hire a car. If you are hiring a car, you need to know that an automatic will cost half as much again as the identical manual gear box model. Continue Reading

Travel to Ireland


Ireland is an island in the northwest of Europe with an area of 32,595 sq miles. About 370 km (230 miles) long by 225 km (140 miles) wide, Ireland comprises the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.  The population of the island of Ireland is approximately 5.8 million people, 4.1 million in the Republic of Ireland and 1.7 million in Northern Ireland. Ireland is the third largest island in Europe. Continue Reading